30/60/80/100 Grit Glass Bead Abrasive Media


The glass beads are used for road marking paints and thermoplastic road marking materials to provide excellent night retro-reflectivity .When the headlight shines on the road line ,the light is reflected back ,and then the driver can drive the car safely in night .The rate of glass beads in paint is 15%-25%.The glass beads can be used as intermix and drop-on .we can produce the beads as per the standard of JT/T446-2001 and BS 6088-1981 and other national standard .


1: Blasting and cleaning

2: grinding media for the pigment, ink, etc.Normally it is big size, from 25mm or as the customers request.

3: Reflecting mark.

4. Fillers for the plastic / ceramic / refractories


1) road reflecting marking
2) used as disperser, grinding media filler materials in dye, paint ,coatings

Production process:

glass beads (19)

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