Blasting Glass Beads Abrasives

It take a compressed gas as the power to form a high-speed jet to shoot glass beads on surface of work-piece that causes changes on surface and shape of the work-piece. Due to the glass beads’ impact to surface, it makes the surface a certain of cleanliness and different roughness.

— It improves the mechanical properties of surface so as to enhance the fatigue-resistance of work-piece.

— It provides with parts-surface a controllable rough-surface to increase the adhesion with the paints, to extend the durability of the paints and it is also benefit to the flow and decoration of paints.

The glass bead can be produced based on the standard of countries or areas, such as EN1423/1424, AASHTO M247, BS6088, JIS R3301 and KS L2521 etc.

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