Sandblasting Glass beads for polishing aluminum products

The glass micro beads production line uses the principle of flame flotation to break the recycled waste glass into certain granular particles and send the glass particles into the flame in a certain way. Under the action of the flame, Glass particles are softened, melted, beaded, cooled, and solidified to become glass beads.

Sandblasting glass beads application:

  1. Satin surface treatment of Stainless steel and other metals, Rust removal, Sandblasting, Polish
  2. Polish and grinding material of metal, mold. Don’t break the surface and improve precision
  3. Additive and fortifier in Chemical industry, Plastic, Rubber, Oil paint
  4. Shot blasting and Finishing of Medical apparatus and instruments, Textile machinery, Food machinery and all kinds of hardware
  5. Cleaning of Turbine of the engine, Aircraft engine vane, Axle, Bearings, etc.
  6. Polishing of Jewelry, Horologe, Lamps and lanterns, Cosmetic, Glasses accessories
  7. Blast cleaning, Paint removal, Carbon removal, Tool marks removal
  8. Sandblasting of aerospace parts, Weld pass cleaning, Surface scratch removal etc
  9. Wire-electrode cutting mold cleaning, Rubber mold fouling cleaning
  10. Bath sink, Spray paint, Decoration and so on

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